Complete roofline replacement

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Make your roofline 100% maintenance free with a premier roofline complete replacement installation

Give your home a new lease of life


Great cosmetic improvement 

Save time and money on maintenance

Wood and rot free roofline

Protects and ventilates your roofline

A huge choice of colours available

50 year extended guarantee.....


*guaranteed not to warp, crack,discolour or blister


*Resistant to air pollution


*50 year extended lifetime guarantee on white roofline and rainwater products


*10 year guarantee on woodgrain products


*10 year guarantee on coloured roofline and rainwater products


*Fully transferable guarantee to new homeowners


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It can be easy to overlook your roofline, but fascia's and soffits are an essential part of your property. At premier roofline, fascia's and soffits are one of our specialities, and we have the expertise required to ensure that your roof always remains in top condidition.


Fascia's and soffits are the wooden boards surrounding your roofline, both around the front,sides and underneath the eaves.Overtime they can crack and the paint may peel away. We will free you from this burden of having to repaint your fascias and soffits by replacing then with high quality cellular uPVC in white or a full range of wood grain finishes. 






No more painting

No sanding down or painting ever

100% maintenance free

Improve the appearance and value of your home

choice of colours

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